7:30 PM19:30

Craniosacral Therapy / Free Talk

Please join us for a free talk

Release chronic stress and feel renewed resiliency!
Learn about the ways that Craniosacral Therapy can benefit you, your family, your clients and your community.
w/ Lauren Tietz (RCST, LMT, MFA)

RSVP to Lauren - earthskybody@gmail.com

Extra Parking - can be accessed via Camino Real and into the parking lot.

A few Words about the therapy...

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle and therapeutic way to work with a wide range of health problems expressing through the body. The body is the vessel for the myriad influences (events, family, friends, culture, ancestry) that move through us, that have shaped us and continue to shape us into being.

We help clients to shift and rebalance chronic stress patterns and trauma residue to build renewed resiliency and integrated health. With the sensitive touch therapy of Craniosacral we come into emotional attunement with our clients and help them to rebuild their felt sense of safety. This is paramount in our work because it builds receptivity, agency, empowerment and supports healing at many different physiological levels.

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Authentic Movement Winter Series
to Mar 28

Authentic Movement Winter Series

Join us for the Winter Series of
Authentic Movement/ Contemplative Dance!

THURSDAYS 7-8:30pm
begins JAN 24th

RSVP to Lauren at earthskybody@gmail.com or 512-699-1086

Beautiful dance studio in Travis Heights studio (address given with registration)

Pay through Venmo (@Lauren-Tietz-1) OR Paypal (to earthskybody@gmail.com / to friends & family please).
Series Cost - $126 (Sliding Scale option for those in need, please inquire if this is you!).

7 Thursdays
January 24th - March 28th
Please note, we won’t have classes on:
2/14, 2/28, 3/14

Authentic Movement practice also known as Contemplative Dance is a rich contemplative and expressive practice that comes from the dance and movement therapy lineage. The experience is sourced through the bod. Movers learn to listen for and trust their inner sensations and impulses unfolding naturally, cultivating a depth of present moment embodiment.

During an Authentic Movement (AM) session, students work in a safe container resting and moving at their own pace with eyes closed, listening to inner experiences and movement impulses to find ways of moving that feel nourishing and satisfying. The practice can be with groups or dyads but involves one person/s working in the role of “mover/s,” while another serves as a “witness.”

All are welcome, no prior movement experience required, just an open mind and desire to listen inwardly.

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to Aug 15

A​uthentic Movement / Contemplative Dance​



After a little interlude, we are back!
Please Join Us for 4 WEDNESDAYS in July & August!
Where we'll tap into the medicine of the body for our own nourishment held within the safe and loving container of the group.

7/18 & 7/25
(No Class 8/1)
8/8 & 8/15

7-8:30 pm
At a beautiful private studio in Travis Heights.

REGISTER: by emailing Lauren at: earthskybody@gmail.com
PAYMENTS : Through Venmo OR Paypal
(Venmo - @Lauren-Tietz-1) Paypal to: earthskybody@gmail.com

Cost - Regular rate is $70 (Sliding scale options for $45, $50, $60).

About Authentic Movement
Authentic Movement technique (AM) is a simple yet profound movement practice that brings awareness to sensation and information streams stored in the body/mind and psyche, potent energy sources for dancers, therapists, performers, parents, teachers, healers, and all beings! 

By creating space for allowing spontaneous streams of movement, Authentic Movement (AM) cultivates an embodiment practice, cultivating awake presence. Through movement investigation one learns to embrace all aspects of one’s movement and body sensations with curiosity while tuning into a place of freedom that exists within the present moment.

A solo practice, with the support of an external witness, we will dance both within our group as well as in pairs, experiencing the different roles of witness and mover.

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10:00 AM10:00

Root Wing - A Women's Retreat

A Women's Movement & Writing Retreat in Nature


Please Join Us! 
As we tap into the strength and power of Embodiment
The Peace and presence of Mindfulness
The Clarity of writing from the body
The Joy of Movement, Stillness & Dance

A full day of practice in community followed by a potluck dinner and integration time. We will draw from Authentic movement / contemplative dance traditions and other embodiment practices. 

TIME 10am - 5pm Workshop
Dinner/Integration 5-7pm
LOCATION a private retreat space in Dripping Springs on the land
RESERVE your place! Space is Limited
CONTACT Lauren - earthskybody@gmail.com 
COST $120 before April 25th
AFTER $140

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Spring Medicinal Dance
to Mar 27

Spring Medicinal Dance

Class Dates: Tuesdays

Jan 23

JAN 30

FEB 13

FEB 20

FEB 27

MAR 13

MAR 20

MAR 27

MEDICINAL DANCE: An Authentic Movement & Contemplative Dance practice.

The basic human desire to be seen and accepted is one of the driving forces of life. 

During an Authentic Movement (AM) session, students work in a safe container at their own pace, listening to inner experiences and movement impulses to find ways of moving that feel nourishing and satisfying. The practice can be with groups or dyads but involves one person/s working in the role of “mover/s,” while another serves as a “witness.”
For the mover, deep intimacy with oneself emerges as inner states are revealed through contemplative practice, playfulness and the unwinding of unwanted tension. Subtle and profound insights come to us and awareness arises from the roots of the body. Sensation, feeling and action are sourced. Over the course of time, the relationship between self and other deepens and transforms into profound insight and trust. 
All are welcome. No dance or movement training needed.

“Movement is the unifying bond between the mind and the body, and sensations are the substance of the bond.”

WHEN -Tuesdays 7-8:30pm

WHERE -Be Well Austin Yoga House

COST Sliding Scale $120 -$144 

(And- student discounts/seniors/starving artist discounts available)


email Lauren at earthskybody@gmail.com / (512) 699-1086

Pay at Be Well Austin - http://www.be-well-austin.com/

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