Movement is the unifying bond between the mind and the body, and sensations are the substance of the bond.
— Job’s Body

Medicinal Dance

The basic human desire to be seen and accepted is one of the driving forces of life. We need to be loved and also to be understood.


During an Authentic Movement (AM) session, students work in a safe container at their own pace, listening to inner experiences and movement impulses to find ways of moving that feel nourishing and satisfying. The practice can be with groups or dyads but  involves one person/s working in the role of “mover/s,” while another serves as a “witness.”

For the mover, deep intimacy with oneself emerges as inner states are revealed through contemplative practice,  playfulness and the unwinding of unwanted tension. Subtle and profound insights come to us and awareness arises from the roots of the body. Sensation, feeling and action are sourced. Over the course of time, the relationship between self and other deepens and transforms into profound insight and trust.  

All are welcome. No dance or movement training needed.

I offer private AM sessions in addition to classes and workshops.